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My nick is Fornax. Some of you may remember me from other forums and from the previous edition of and webpages.

I would like to show you my little collection of Audi miniatures in 1:43 scale. As you can see, I am collecting only Audi road cars and only in 1/43 scale. Currently, Audi concept cars are not really in my focus but this may change in the future. Who knows?


I have been collecting diecast models since Christmas 2005 and managed to built quite a significant collection. Unfortunately, due to various reasons in 2011 I decided to sell all my diecasts. And I missed collecting my little cars so much that not so long ago I have changed my mind and returned to the hobby. Now I am trying to reconstruct the collection in its previous shape. I know it will be very difficult and supposedly this would not be possible to restore my 1/43 Audi diecast collection in its pre-2011 size but I am doing my best.

So, collecting car miniatures is my real and primary hobby. Sometimes I also plunge into valorization and upgrading of my diecast cars - with some scratch building involved - as much as in making photographs of these little cars.

I hope my blog would inspire you – my viewers, and maybe some of you will try start making photos of your collections…