Auto Union racing cars

The history of Auto Union racing and speed record cars in models

1938 Auto Union Rekordwagen - Bernd Rosemeyer - Omicron 1:43 Auto Union Type C, 1934 - MCM Top Queens 1:43 Auto Union Type C, 1937 #111 German Hillclimb, Stuck - Revival 1:20 Auto Union Typ C #2 H.Stuck - 2nd place German GP 1936 - Minichamps 1/181934 Auto Union Typ A V16 #1 - Winner GP Deutschland Hans Stuck - Heco Modeles1934 Porsche-Auto Union Typ 52 Sportlimousine - AutocultAuto Union Typ C Stromlinie #31 - Revell 1/181936/37 Auto Union Typ C "Bergrenner" - CMC 1/181935 Auto Union Type B 'Rekordwagen' Lucca - Hans Stuck - built by Delf based on Touchwood Models kitAuto Union Type C 1936-37 16 Cylinder V-Engine - CMC 1:18 ScaleAuto Union Typ C #14 Hungarian GP 1936 Achille Varzi - MinichampsAuto Union Typ C 1938 Stromlinien Bernd Rosemeyer - MinichampsAuto Union Typ C 1936 Germany GP Bernd Rosemeyer - MinichampsAuto Union Type C Streamliner - BrummAuto Union Type C Streamliner - Brumm1937 Auto Union 'Stromlinienwagen' Bernd Rosemeyer- Touchwood Models1935 Auto Union Typ B Lucca - MinichampsAuto Union Typ D 1938/1939 - CMC 1/181938 Auto Union Type C 'Stromlinienwagen' Speed Record Attempt Bernd Rosemeyer - BrummNAG Büssing Renntransporter Auto Union - NEO1937 Auto Union "Recordwagon" Class B, B. Rosemeyer - Touchwood Models1937 Auto Union Typ C “Stromlinienwagen” Avusrennen Luigi Fagioli #33 - EMC ModelsAuto Union Typ C (Rekordwagen) - Revell 1/181938 Auto Union (Wanderer W25) Liege-Rome-Liege - ZZ Models1938 Auto Union "Rekordwagon" Class B Record Attempt (Fatal Crash) January 28th, driver: Bernd Rosemeyer - Myth43 based on Touchwood Models kitAuto Union Typ C "Streamline" World Speed Record "test car" 1937 Bernd Rosemeyer - Brumm1937 Auto Union typ C Streamline #33 Fagioli - Brumm (second edition)